Cardboard Common Sense

he told me the cardboard

in his shoes kept cold from his toes,

that when it wasn’t enough he rode

the city bus with floor heaters;

he laughed while he rolled a joint

green bits scattered

across the newspaper on his knee.

I got high with him at 2:14am,

just before the Tuesday morning

floor-heater bus picked up

on the corner of Sunset and Gardner.

as I walked home my toes

started to numb, and I hurt, and ached

at the cardboard common sense

I’d never be forced to learn.


5 thoughts on “Cardboard Common Sense”

    1. Thank you, this one is important to me because I had this conversation with a man who was homeless in lots Angeles 3 years ago. To this day, I wonder where he is and if he’s alive and doing better, or the same, or where he exists on earth.

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  1. This was fantastic, thank you! What was his story?Where was he from? Did he have any passions?!?!?!
    I remember one time I was at a mall in Chula Vista and whilst walking out I came across man on whose struggle was real, sitting outside asking for change for something to eat. I asked him what he was hungry for and he had replied that sandwich and soda would suffice.(i was leaning towards a bottle of water, but wants is wants, cant knock on that!)
    I responed promptly and counter fired with snipers precision. both sandwich and soda per the mans request. And of course a sammy & soda for myself.
    So I sat and had lunch with the guy. Got to know him. We just sat there and shot shit in front of the mall and it was great. Manny, father of 2 girls, recently saw one of them, born locally, loves photography, skateboarding, music, was in drumline (i was in drumline as well soooooooo inevitably that erupted into a bandgeek DCI tangent for easily more than an hour and resulting in hilarious continuous rapid tapping of various rudiments and warm ups on our legs and feet).the man still had his chops!!!
    After lunch i gave him $50 and said,” well manny it was a pleasure meeting you. your a pretty fucking cool guy and i wish you the best with your future endeavors(californication)and keep those chops chopin!!” he responded with this smile. such a damn authentic, organic and sincere smile…

    “thanks for talking man….”
    Thats bulletproof shit right there.
    I remember that face. that shit sits with me and will continue to sit in that same close spot for the rest of my life. I always pull that one out of the pocket for a feel good…all in all people are awesome. So we should all be awesome. Id support that movement.

    I too continuously wonder about manny’s whereabouts and well being. And still hope for the best for this man.
    I do my part for the sake of preserving chivalry and its just nice to do you know?. its there….it aint dead… i seent it.

    This comment probably isnt as grammatically correct as a sniper is precise, or as asthetically pleasing as your work. But its 7 in the morning. My business week starts today, on a weekend, on sunday. Its gonna be brutal. The comment needs to be said. im taking a stab at trying to share a similar story with only fumes of energy.

    And with that i needed my daily dose of feel good. Goodnight. Or good morning. Whatever works. Ima nap.

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