Childish Errors

When I look back at high school,

I realize I was lucky enough to embrace

The terms used when I was bullied-

Amazon woman. Band nerd. Art geek. 

Clumsy. Fat. Goody-two-shoes. Jesus-Freak.

I was lucky enough that most of those

Words were just words to me then, 

Many of which have changed these

10 years later.

But the one thing I will never forgive

Was the time I didn’t stop them

From teasing a boy in class.

He gave a speech, and cracked his voice,

The sweat dropped down,

His checks velvet wine-

I saw the hurt they caused 

And I did not stand and tell him

They were only using little words,

And ten years later they would mean

Far, far less than they do now…

I can forgive bullies their childish errors,

But I cannot forgive myself mine. 


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