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Tequila Sands – Day 7

Losing sleep beneath pearled skies, willows whisper as sands move
in time with the wind, grains
snake down the wet coast in
sensual curves,
like the arch of a woman’s back,
like the inside of a knuckle,
bent and lined with cracks,
running edge to edge
like the laugh marks above her cheek
that prove she loves to dance
with strangers when the bar pours
heavy and the cigarettes are free–


Little Men – Day 4

We take the leap, we take it fast-

ticking watches, hour glass.

We break the bread and mold our men

into walking Johns and Abrahams

who lead us nowhere, safe and strong

to fight in battles, right or wrong.

and now I lay me, soft to sleep-

I pray the lord my soul to keep

for if john fights and causes harm,

at least I’ll always have the farm

on which we raised our little boys

to play and tinker with little toys-

tiny guns and men of war

are scattered all across the floor,

and legos left and right, I see,

are putting holes in little feet–

They’re putting holes in you, and me.

Last Spark – Day 1

Campfires spin and murmur their light—

Merciful gusts of air run short,

Fights for breath become fights for warmth;

Singular embers push through the night,

Sharp deflation of twin balloons—

Measured sinking of chest,

Whispers abound within his room;

“Quiet, there flies the Meadowlark—

Awaiting years of somberly rest,”

Chimney closed, flame goes dark.