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The Work Week


It’s okay to pride yourself

On the fact you’re still alive

At 7pm,

That you gradually survived 

Another dull, ordinary day. 

It’s an accomplishment 

To know you didn’t crawl

Completely out of your skin,

And leave your dermis 

Spread like a starfish 

On the lawn.

You didn’t pluck hairs

From your head 

One by one, and drop them 

Out your car window

Until your scalp itched with fire.

You didn’t look at every 

Turn or sharp curb

With morbid interest,

Wondering how loud the tire

Would blow when you crashed 

Your car into a lamp post.


It’s okay to trust that 

You managed something strong

Which many others did not,

you held onto hope 

Just enough 

For this Work Week Wednesday.


Gettin’ on

People always say “we’re here for a purpose, but in the grand scheme I’m not sure we aren’t worthless-”

the grass grows green even on our front lawns,

Yet these feelings of loneliness and pressure to leave a mark and get along 

are almost too hard to take, so they say

“I just need a break!” And I say:

“This 9-5 is the only reason I’m alive and who knows or gives a fuck about fate because I’ve got a date with each dawn, and I keep on keepin’ on so that you’ll keep on gettin’ along-“